About Me

Hi!  I am Emily.   
I am an artist and designer, currently living just outside of Charleston, SC.   I graduated with a degree in Fine art in May, 2008, and also studied graphic design and photography.   Right after college, I married my husband and started teaching art.   I am now an "Air Force wife", mother to the CUTEST little girls, art blogger, and full time artist & designer.  My fingers are always stained black, my nails are never long, my art table is almost always full, and my love for creating makes me stay up way to late, and yet, I feel I have the best job in the world.

I believe being an artist and designer is far more than a day job, it is a way of life.  You know that moment when you are unexpectedly amazed by the beauty in the world around you? It’s as if you are looking at the world with fresh eyes. These are the moments that inspire my work. When I’m driving down the highway admiring the landscape, stop for a second to notice the sky at dusk, or happen to spy a beautiful flower in the garden or the stars in the sky… It is moments like these that make me grateful that this world is such a beautiful place and compel me to interpret these scenes and emotions in my art.

Truly amazing artwork is full of good design principles: color, line, shape, form, and composition. I love making traditional artwork but with a slightly unexpected element, whether that is using unexpected elements, beautiful textures, unique colors or materials.

My goal is to make pieces that create amazing design moments in your home: a beautiful piece of artwork that will help you remember where you are, where you come from, and where you are going.

In order to channel my creative energy, and to help my organize and share my inspiration, I run a vibrant and growing art and design blog too!   www.BeautifulHelloBlog.com  The blog is updated daily with inspiring artist, art work, and design.  I also post my current work and process on there frequently.

check out more of my work and pieces that have recently sold on my website: www.EmilyJeffords.com